Welcome to theNiagara Region Police Association

The Niagara Region Police Association is a labour organization, representing over 1000 uniform and civilian members who are the employees of the Niagara Regional Police Service. The NRPA has a long and proud tradition of community support and involvement within the Niagara Region.

Our Mission Statement

"The NRPA will enhance public safety in Niagara through the professional representation of our members and community leadership."

Retrospective of Policing in Niagara

In historical terms, the Niagara Regional Police Service is still considered to be quite young. The Service only came into being in 1971.

The proud tradition of policing in Niagara, however, dates back to the 1850’s when the first police forces were formed in Niagara and the Mayors and Councils were responsible for “keeping the peace”.

In 1856, the first full time police officers were hired for St.Catharines and when it became a city, in 1876, the police force consisted of a grand total of 13 men! The Niagara Falls police force, which was organized in 1919, actually had their own police car, something that was not seen in St. Catharines until 1924.

From the early 1920s up until 1970, there were separate and unique municipal police forces throughout the Niagara region. Each one with a proud history and many stories to tell.